Monday, August 24, 2009

Move in day...

Ok so I moved in to my new apartment on Saturday. Let me tell you, it is awesome! Its my last year and I finally feel like I am not living in college housing. I couldn't have asked for better.

Anyway the point of this post is this. The dresser provided in my room wasn't exactly what I considered enough room so my mom decided to go down to Walmart and pick one up. I wanted to go to the new Walmart in Providence but my dad was driving and didn't hear that was the one we decided on so we ended up going to the older one on the other side of town. Good thing we did otherwise I would have missed this amazing event.

We were stopped at a light and I hear my friend Whitney, who was helping me move in (thanks again), say "Severe Taxidermy..." Two words that aren't usually used together. I look over and I see this sign.

Don't exactly know what severe taxidermy is but it does not sound pleasant. But hey if you have a need for Severe Taxidermy I'm glad they are around.

So we get to Walmart and I find a dresser. We throw it in the basket and go looking for some shelves. We find the shelves and my mom kinda looks at the dresser box weird. That catches my attention so I look at it and here is what we saw...

If you know my mom she always says "That takes some cajones" or something to that effect especially when she is talking about our obnoxious cat. He has a lot of "balls" if you will when he jumps on the counter right in front of her.

So anyway I did look it up and cajones does mean drawers in Spanish (I took French). But still it is funny.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Everything's better with bacon!

So one of the girls I work with, Heather heard a couple of DJs on a radio that were talking about trying bacon on a maple bar donut. She mentioned that to me and we decided we had to try it. So last week I stopped by Krispie Kreme on my way to work and bought the donuts. They didn't have maple bars so we had to settle for maple rings.... the girl at the counter was really interesting. Anyway, I brought some bacon from home and cooked it up when I got there. We put it on the donuts and took a bite.....

I was AMAZING! Oh my goodness, seriously one of the greatest ideas I've ever heard of. Its was just like having pancakes, syrup and bacon all in a neat little package. I highly recommend this to everyone. It was so good with the salty and sweet flavors, and the crunchy bacon with the soft donut. I really do believe that donut shops should sell maple bars with bacon on them in the stores...just already made. That would be great!

Try it!

Who are you? Who Who--Who Who

If you have met me, you should know that i LOVE the show CSI. All 3 of them! I just can't get enough.

So I'm at work today and this footprint on the floor was pointed out to me. A picture never does anything justice but trust me, it's a lot more pronounced in person.

The sad part is, I have been here for like 4 months now and I have never noticed it. Now on my last week of work it is mentioned to me. Its kind of distgusting but I couldn't resist taking a picture. Then we decided to make a little CSI marker to put next to it. It was just too funny to not follow through with that. So that is now how the foot print is sitting. With a crime scene marker next to it. Gill, Horatio and Mac would be proud!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On to the next!--Silence! I Keel You!

So I have been kind of slacking on my posting. I have lots of things to put on but I just haven't gotten around to them yet. So I am combining a few posts into one while I have a few minutes at work.

So this little guy is kind of an inside joke at work. But basically it is supposed to look like Achmed the dead terrorist from the Jeff Dunham video. Don't critsize my art work here. There is only so much magic you can acheive with a ball of aluminum foil, a couple sharpie markers and a tissue. He got kind of bent and the picture doesn't do him justice but I still love it!

So after a full day of working on Achmed (just kidding...he only took about 10 minutes lol) I was driving home and was stopped at a red light. I looked up and the truck in front of me had a TAPS sticker on the upper left hand corner of the back window. Some of you who know me know that Ghost Hunters is one of my favorite shows ever! Me and my mom watch it every single week. Everyone else in our house doesn't find the joy in the show as easily as we do. Anyway TAPS (The Altantic Paranormal Society) is the name of the group of people that investigate the place people claim to be haunted.
This sticker totally made my day. I LOVE IT!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

jeff fa fa---dun HAM--dot com!

I absolutely LOVE Jeff Dunham. He is so talented and hilarious! I lent my movies to my co-workers last weekend and so we have been talking about it all day. Anyway, Dawn--who I work with--came across this website and I just had to post it. I just can't even imagine! Check it out!

Do we need to stop for water anytime soon...?

So for those of you who don't know, this summer I am working at the Davis Arts Council. They have a bunch of concerts at the Amphitheater in Layton park throughout the summer season. I mostly do Marketing and PR work for them but sometimes I go to the concerts to help out.

So I was sitting at the ticket table and a man came over with his dog to ask us what was happening. After we explained and he left I glanced over to my right and saw this man giving his dog a drink from the drinking fountain! It was so funny I couldn't resist taking a picture. So here it is. You can't really tell what is going on but I tried my best! :)

So If the dog wasn't funny enough, I was at another concert helping out and I glanced over to my right again and saw this man. Ok, to explain for those who haven't seen him, he rides all around the city on his bike with his bird on his shoulder. Yes an actual bird! Its so funny to see him riding around like a pirate on a bike! Anyway, so I looked over to my right and I saw him standing there talking to another guy. A couple minutes later, Heather, a girl I work with got my started saying "Kym! Kym! Take a picture!" I looked over and the man was letting his bird drink out of the fountain!