Thursday, October 29, 2009

God Bless America!

The most random thing happened to me today. I was walking out of the library, trying to hurry to get to my PR Agency meeting with our client, and I pass this boy dressed in uniform. I didn't get a really good look at him but I am pretty sure he was wearing Air force Blues. Anyway, I look up to see him saluting me! I thought maybe he saw somebody behind me and the salute was meant for them but there was nobody there. I actually got saluted by a total stranger. Even weirder...its not the first time this has ever happened.

I love college life. So many random things happen all the time!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Let it Snow!

I LOVE snow! Since today was the first snowfall of the year, I felt it was only right to take a little time out of my extremely busy schedule today and blog about it. First of all, I love the smell of snow. I love the crisp, cold scent I smell when I walk outside after a snow storm. I will admit I thought it was a little early for snow but I walked out of my apartment this morning and I couldn't help but smile as soon as I smelled the snow.

After I got up on campus, a guy on a bike passed by me and was whistling "Winter Wonderland." That totally made my day. I just love this season! Coming inside when its cold and snowy, making hot chocolate and sitting by the fire. I'm so excited for Christmas. This year Christmas Break is an entire month! Its going to be great!

Monday, October 26, 2009

It's What Fun Is!

On Saturday I went to Lagoon with Whitney. It was too expensive to go during the summer so we decided to wait until Frightmares when it is cheaper. I hadn't been in about 6 years so I was really excited. I'm pretty bruised and banged up (I even lost my voice) but it was such a great day!

I will first tell you about these swans. They were HUMONGOUS! Seriously, like 3 feet long. We saw them when we were getting off the swings and had to stop to take a picture. Its hard to tell the scale of these things but trust me, they were big!

Whitney and I were in line for the Spider. As we walked up the stairs in the building you have to walk through to get there, we saw this sign. To quote Whitney..."No sh*t." Haha, I guess its to inform those imbeciles who don't know that sitting on a fence with spikes at the top would hurt.

Here is another sign. This one is for the Sky Ride. I actually wouldn't have seen this if Whitney didn't point it out. If you spit or throw stuff when you are on the Sky Ride, you will have to pay a $299 dollar fine. You know how retailers will set prices either 1 dollar or 1 cent cheaper than the dollar to make it seem like you are paying less, maybe thats what they are doing. I don't know we just thought a $299 fine was a little odd.

I love the little headstones that they have all over the park during Frightmares. This one was my favorite. I hope you can see it. It is a little dark but it made me laugh.

This is my favorite picture. There were all of these crazy, distorted pictures on the outside of the kiddie haunted house. I thought this one was so cute. Meet Kaleb!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's been one week since you looked at me...

Last week was pretty good. My mom bought me my favorite popcorn in the entire world! It is Carmel Apple popcorn from the Popcorn Factory. If you haven't tried it highly recommend it. It really is Heaven! So delicious. It tastes exactly like carmel apples which is one of my favorite fall time treats. I hardly ever get to eat them tho because they take more effort than I am usually willing to expel :D

Then I was sitting in the Library waiting for my Promo Management class to begin. It's in the dark hallway that says "quiet study area" that you only go down if you want absolute actually kind of freaks me out. Anyway, I'm sitting at one of the stations and I look behind me at this guy watching videos on youtube. He was watching a video entitled "How to Fake it at Christmas"... I could hardly contain myself. Cover up man!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I have been waiting all year for this!

Every year I get a silly calendar so everyday when I wake up and look at it, I laugh a little. Last year I had a "Boyfriend of the Month" calendar. Every month there was a new boy and it listed all of their turn-ons, turn-offs, hobbies, occupations, etc along with an amazingly over-posed picture showing off their incredible physiques. This year however I went the country route and picked "Studs in Spurs". Some of these "studs" are a little questionable, definately not believeable as cowboys but that is really beside the point. However I have been waiting 10 long months to turn the page and see this particular stud. Meet Mr. October!


Friday, October 9, 2009

Is it a car or a truck?

So this picture is kind of crappy but I tried my best. I happen to think that the El Camino is the UGLIEST car ever made! I cannot believe that people actually think they look good. But I never thought they could get any uglier until I saw this...

An El Camino with a shell... really? It looks so ridiculous! I'm still laughing at it. The old man driving kept pulling forward at the red light we were stopped at while I was trying to take the picture. He knew he was going to end up on my blog!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Up next!

Ok so I know I have been totally slacking on my blog posting but my life has been totally consumed by homework! But I have a few minutes so I will tell you all the things that are coming up. First, in about 1 hour (maybe less) I am going with Whitney to the Beehive Grill for triple nickel wings! Its going to be epic! Then tonight I am going to a Art Symposium performance of Tap Dogs! I am really excited--it should be fantastic.

This weekend I don't have any homework to worry about so I plan on watching movies and totally vegging out. I never get to do that anymore. However this Sunday is kind of a big day for my family. It is my brother Chris' 25th birthday and my parent's 29th anniversary. I don't know what, if any, plans have been made for that day but I unfortunately won't be there.

Next week is going to be great because its a short week! Every year they shut down the University for Fall break. It started my freshman year and is the 3rd friday of October. Its only one day but I am really looking forward to it.

Then my brother TJ who is over in Afgahnistan is coming home over fall break as well. As much as he drives me crazy it will be nice to have him home safe. Plus the weekend after that we are having a welcome home BBQ for him and I get to see my family. I don't really get to see them that often so it will be fun.