Monday, May 31, 2010

I've moved!

For the past little while my mom has been constantly asking me if I want to move from my current room down to the basement. So the room downstairs has served mainly as a guest room for the last little while but its also where my family stays when they move back in with my parents (both brothers moved back in for a few months). So the room once again became available a few weeks ago and I got to thinking about it and decided that it makes more sense to move down there.

My current room is extremely small and right down the hall from my parents room. The bathroom is tiny as well. So I talked to my mom and we decided to start working on moving all my stuff down to the extra room. I was really excited and documented the process (well the before and after anyway). So here it is!

This is my room before I moved...

It was a teeny, tiny room that I could hardly move around in and it had way too much furniture. It was really functional and it started to get on my nerves. It felt really cramped and wasn't all that comfortable as a primary room. During school I was only staying there on the weekends and it worked fine but being there day after day wasn't the greatest situation.
Even though I don't feel this way at all my mom was kind of feeling like her and my dad were kind of pushing me down to the basement so she said we need to make it as comfortable as possible. I was really wanting a desk which is something that would never have fit in my old room no matter what and my parents wanted to kind of get me an entertainment center so me and my mom headed off to Ikea on Sunday. Then after two and a half trips to Target and a lot of tiring work this is the result...

So in actuality I only got about 60 extra square feet but it feels so much bigger that what I had before. I don't know how much longer I will live at home but this is going to be so much better until that happens (not that I don't love my mom and dad).

Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's hard to make an airport out of bananas...

I had a pretty good weekend. On Friday I went to my favorite Chinese restaurant in Layton called Royal Jade. I miss a lot about living in Layton but Royal Jade is on the top of the list of what I miss the most.

On Saturday I went to the planetarium with my parents because they wanted to see the 3D Hubble telescope movie. I was a serious astronomy geek when I was little so I will admit that I enjoyed the movie as well even though it gave me a headache because it was in 3D. However, the effect was pretty awesome.

Me and my mom had a little too much fun finding out exactly how much we would weigh on Jupiter, Saturn, the moon, Pluto, said on an asteroid together we would weigh 19 ounces and would float away which made me question the accuracy of Armageddon and Bruce Willis' asteroid walking abilities.

Then we went to CPK for lunch and walked over to Sur La Table to look for a gift for my grandma. I love that store and we found some really great things that she ended up loving. Then we drove back home, listening to Glee all the way! I love that my dad enjoys the music as much as I do.

Last night I was getting ready for bed when Step Up came on TV. I don't yet own that movie so I got so excited when I saw it.

It's wonderful :)

This morning I slept in til 10:30. When I turned on my television to help wake me up the Little Rascals was on and had just started which brought a smile to my face. So many great childhood memories associated with that movie. Then I got ready and hung out at my house til we drove back down to Salt Lake to go to dinner with my whole family. We went to Trolley Square and ate at the Spaghetti Factory which is always delicious. My grandma gave me $50 for graduation! She's too cute.

After we left the restaurant we drove through the city to find this really cool consignment shop. It's over by the capitol so we drove through the avenues to get to the freeway. I love the avenues. It such a cool part of the city with really historic and beautiful houses like this one

Hopefully I can afford a house like this one day!

Then we drove home in the rain and now I am just relaxing. I think I am getting sick. I woke up with a sore throat and my glands have been swollen for that past couple of days. I hope I feel better tomorrow. For now I think I am going to turn in early and hope to get a little more sleep than I have been.

Friday, May 7, 2010


So last night I had the best dream and as I was dreaming I thought I need to tell Whitney about this.
So Whitney--this post is for you!

My dream was that Whitney and I were walking into this giant amphitheater to see Wicked. I guess I am extremely excited to see it at the end of the month (fingers crossed that I all works out perfectly). So we walked into the theater which had groups of seats that were facing all different directions. I couldn't exactly figure that one out but we had to navigate our way through this maze of seats. We walked by my friend Tyler who was sitting in a seat facing the opposite direction of the stage and at the bottom of a hill between him and the stage. I don't know what was going on but it was a "Dr. Suess-like" set up. And I can't figure out why Tyler was there. I haven't seen this kid since high school--random!

Whitney and I finally get to our seats, which no joke are 2 rows back from the stage. But for some reason we got to sit in bleachers instead of the nice, fold down chairs like Tyler was sitting much of this dream doesn't make sense haha.

So we are sitting on the bleachers and the musical starts and all of the sudden the characters are singing and come out into the audience and start messing with our hair and giving us hugs and stuff. Then the girl who plays Elphaba comes over and Whitney jumps over me to get closer to her. It took me by such surprise! I guess she really wanted a hug from Elphaba lol

That is when I woke up, LAUGHING!