Friday, January 29, 2010

In West Philidelphia, Born and Raised...

I came home today and was watching TV with my roommate. She was on her computer and looked up from the screen and said, "Will Smith is considering a career in politics..." My first thought was "Really? The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?" But then I got thinking about it and why not? I mean we have the Terminator as the governor of California, and Sonny from Sonny and Cher was in politics. It is just not a path I can see Will Smith going down but if he wants to--more power to him. So as we were discussing it we decided that if Will Smith ever does run for anything we would probably vote for him. Can you picture it? Will Smith in office--making speeches, voting on bills, schmoozing with the general public. And every time he walks out at a public event the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song plays! That would be totally awesome!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Too funny!

Today in my Buyer Behavior class we were talking about the relationship between religion and branding...kind of a random subject because we started out this week talking about cultures and then got off on this tangent. Anyway, we started talking about the advertising history of different religions and the LDS church was the one we focused on the most. My teacher decided to show us how they market themselves to members and non-members. She showed us the website which is targeted for non-members. Then she showed us which is for members of the church. On that site's homepage was a link for the youth version of the site. She clicked on the link and up popped a warning page saying "THIS CONNECTION IS NOT TRUSTED." The entire room was laughing hysterically. Then it took my teacher about 3 tries to finally view the page. It made my day!

Friday, January 15, 2010


We tend to get a lot of fog in Logan and last night we got some. This morning when it lifted it left a thick layer of frost on all the trees . It was gorgeous and it made me smile every time I saw somebody who couldn't resist pulling out their cell phones to snap a picture. I was one of those people. This willow tree was too beautiful to ignore.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I love Cutsie Cakes!

Last summer I noticed a little shop on Main Street in Layton that was under construction. The sign said "Cutsie Cakes" in this cute font and bright colors. Me and Heather, a girl I worked with, couldn't wait for it to open so we could try some of their cupcakes. It totally reminded me of the TV show What I Like About You and the bakery Sugar Babies. So today I went to visit my old work and decided to stop by Cutsie Cakes on my way home. The store is so adorable! They have all the cupcakes for sale right on the counter underneath these glass cake covers and each cupcake is perfectly decorated. I decided to get two chocolate with peanut butter icing, one red velvet, and one chocolate with vanilla icing and a cherry on top. I got home and immediately cracked open the box and took out one of the chocolate peanut butter ones. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! It is AMAZING! The best cupcake I have ever had! Honestly it was so, so good. I really want to break into the others but I will wait. Oh and Heather, they were $2.50 a piece....and worth every penny!