Friday, May 7, 2010


So last night I had the best dream and as I was dreaming I thought I need to tell Whitney about this.
So Whitney--this post is for you!

My dream was that Whitney and I were walking into this giant amphitheater to see Wicked. I guess I am extremely excited to see it at the end of the month (fingers crossed that I all works out perfectly). So we walked into the theater which had groups of seats that were facing all different directions. I couldn't exactly figure that one out but we had to navigate our way through this maze of seats. We walked by my friend Tyler who was sitting in a seat facing the opposite direction of the stage and at the bottom of a hill between him and the stage. I don't know what was going on but it was a "Dr. Suess-like" set up. And I can't figure out why Tyler was there. I haven't seen this kid since high school--random!

Whitney and I finally get to our seats, which no joke are 2 rows back from the stage. But for some reason we got to sit in bleachers instead of the nice, fold down chairs like Tyler was sitting much of this dream doesn't make sense haha.

So we are sitting on the bleachers and the musical starts and all of the sudden the characters are singing and come out into the audience and start messing with our hair and giving us hugs and stuff. Then the girl who plays Elphaba comes over and Whitney jumps over me to get closer to her. It took me by such surprise! I guess she really wanted a hug from Elphaba lol

That is when I woke up, LAUGHING!

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  1. bahahahaha that is too funny. i really did just laugh out loud. oh man. <3 it! and i really would want a hug from elphaba! especially if its idina menzel! gasp* how cooooool would that be?!