Friday, April 23, 2010

More Funny Pictures

It's been so long since I've had a post like this. Here are some pictures that I took last weekend.

I went home and took some time to go shopping with my mom and my brother's fiance, Sue last weekend. We went to the quilted bear and saw a picture that my mom fell in love with. I picked it up and was carrying it around the store while we were still shopping. My mom said to me, "Kym, look on the back of the picture." I just had to take a picture right then of what she was talking about and here it is...
If you didn't notice, it's the three little words at the top of the label. Did they really have to make sure people knew this? I mean--DUH!

So then we went to dinner and I needed to stop at Walgreens on our way home. They had a rack of little baby t-shirts and this one caught my eye.

I just thought it was a tad inappropriate for a little one.

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  1. hahaha we should buy that for whitney's kid. lol she used to say that all the time.
    wow. too funny