Saturday, July 10, 2010

24 hours to go

Okay I realize it has been a lifetime since I last posted something and I apologize. I think about it all the time but I end up getting caught up in my day and it never happens. However, I find myself with a little time on my hands and a couple dreams to share.

These dreams were separate but they do go together. As most of you probably do know I will be heading up to Boise in the next few weeks to visit Miss Whit with Karinne. On this adventure, a much anticipated BSB concert will occur. I can't wait! So now that you know the back story I will start but bear with me, these dreams are from a couple nights ago so I will try to remember as much as possible...

#1: Whitney and I are trying to make our way to the concert. However, instead of the concert being in Boise it is in Cuba...and the only way to get there is by cruise ship. So Whitney and I are on this rain forest themed ship just trying to navigate our way to the top deck so we can find the exit. Then my parents show up a couple of floors above us leaning over the railing pointing in all different directions and yelling opposite ways to go (both claiming that they know the right way out).

That is when I woke up...
and the fell back asleep

#2: We were no longer on a cruise ship en route to Cuba but in Layton at the mall. I was inside the mall talking with my friend Lee who was taking care of a little girl. He told me that the girls mother was horrible and that she hated to be with her so I needed to watch her while Lee worked behind the customer service desk (which was in a back hallway away from the main part of the mall where only employees are allowed...still trying to figure that one out). So I am taking care of this girl until her mother comes. She picks up her daughter who then starts crying and takes her away. I look at Lee and say "See ya!"

Thats when I walked outside and over to my car where I see Karinne, Whitney and 2 unidentified others sitting with the windows rolled down and the air conditioning on full blast. Karinne says, "We were too hot waiting for you in the car so we rolled down the windows but it was still too hot so we turned on the air conditioning and now you are almost out of gas." I looked at the gauge which said empty and said, "Thats okay. There has to be a gas station around here somewhere." (So I lived in Layton most of my life and I know where all the stations are but for some reason I couldn't recall their locations.)

We start driving..I mean puttering..around the city when I see a sign for a station however we do not have enough gas to get over there. I get the marvelous idea that driving the car through the elementary schools between us and the station would be good. So that is what we did.

Before we know it, we are being tailed by every cop in the state. We ended up going through at least 5 different school...they were never ending...up the stairs, through the halls and classrooms, dodging all the little kids along the way. We finally ditched the cops and that is when I woke up...again, The chase lasted a long time and somehow we had enough gas to last. Go figure.


  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is sooooo great! this makes me sooo happy. i seriously just laughed so hard!

  2. haha I knew you'd love it!